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How to Frame a Football Jersey in a Box Frame

Learn how to frame a football jersey – Get full training here:
Download my picture framer’s resource guide here:

Framing at Brisbane Picture Framing Workshop. Fix-a-Frame

Do you need your football jersey framed professionally? Please call Fix-a-Frame 07 3849 8164

The picture framing techniques shown in this video are for advanced picture framers.

If you need basic picture framing instruction you can get the how to frame series on Amazon or start by getting the picture frame class DVDs that take you through the basics of picture framing.

The skills to frame your own jerseys and other items can be learned but it does take years of experience to make a quality picture frame both from a view of craftsmanship and the design.

Even qualified custom picture framers are continuously learning and improving their techniques and methods of picture framing.

If you want to learn how to frame pictures or any object, please start with the basics and then practice making frames for replaceable items until you become proficient. When you need a valuable or collectible piece framed please consult a professional.

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