Are Football Shirt Mystery Boxes a SCAM?!

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Football Shirt Mystery Boxes have became MASSIVE this year and I’m aware I’m a factor in that so I thought I’d make this video investigating them to see if they’re worth the money or value.

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0:00 – Intro
3:01 – SurpriseShirts
6:43 – FootballKitBox
9:26 – SoccerShirtClub
11:30 – MystiqueJerseys
14:13 – SecretShirtCo
19:50 – Outro/ratings

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50 comentarios en “Are Football Shirt Mystery Boxes a SCAM?!

  1. AwayDays

    I know this should go without saying but PLEASE do NOT send any hate or abuse towards these individuals/companies. This is a small sample size for this video so please bare that in mind and as always, make your own decisions! 🙂

  2. August Andersson

    Are all the shirts authentic? Because it seems a bit sketchy to me that the Ethiopia shirt just had “Ethiopia” written on the back right where the name would be. I’m not criticizing just a genuine question

  3. CiaranC92

    Currently awaiting my first mystery box from secret shirt co and this pops up in recommended lol
    I completely get your point in terms of value, but as you said yourself they're not gonna send shirts they make a loss on, it's a business.
    The main point of mystery shirts is the surprise and randomness of it. Yes you could just go buy your own shirt that's better value, but those type of customers aren't the target demographic of these companies. If that's your priority then you shouldn't get a mystery box
    I'm expecting to get a shirt that costs less than what I paid, but it's the intrigue that I don't know what I'm getting which makes it a fun purchase for me personally. You need to decide which you want more, the fun or the value

  4. Kieran Thomas

    Pretty annoying perspective. You bang on about the value of the shirt. No one buys mystery boxes to re-sell the shirt that they get. Of course the shirt is not going to be worth more than you pay for the box that’s not how business works. 🤦🏼‍♂️ these companies need to make money you pay more than the shirt is worth because of the ‘added value’ and experience you get from mystery, it’s a fun thing to do, “what shirt will I get”
    It’s most defo not about getting a shirt you can sell for profit. Really dire perspective and it was printful to watch

  5. Jorge Guerrero

    Hey, quick question.
    Where did you get your Mexico jersey that is hanging on your wall? I love it and I would really like to buy one.
    If you could get back to me, I would really appreciate it. Thank you.


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