Unboxing a MATCHWORN Football Shirt Mystery Box 🤯

EVERY box we’ve done at this point has lead to this… a MATCHWORN Football shirt mystery box, full of shirts worn by players in real matches…. what will we get? Will it be a cristiano ronaldo shirt, maybe a Lionel Messi one. Maybe Erling Haaland? OR maybe Kylian Mbappe… enjoy!

Buy the shirts from this box –

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39 comentarios en “Unboxing a MATCHWORN Football Shirt Mystery Box 🤯

  1. Zac Armstrong

    So here's why I will never subscribe to this channel, and why I actually dislike the video's I have seen so far. The videos seem to be dragged out, when this video in particular could of been five minutes long. Far far too much talking. Just show us the items that you have paid for. Thanks!

  2. JoeWood99

    To me, money's worth? No. But I'm a Liverpool fan from Merseyside who isn't the biggest fan of international football (therefore Immobile Italy shirt is less significant to me). My favourite shirt in that video was between the Immobile and Felipe Caicedo ones (despite what I just said).


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