Rugby Player Wears First NFL Football Jersey!


Thanks for clicking on this video and checking out my YouTube channel! I’m currently on a journey. A journey of discovery and excitement as I document my entire journey into the world of American Football from the very start, right here on YouTube. I’ve called it, «Rugby Player Reacts» and I’m having the time of my life.

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33 comentarios en “Rugby Player Wears First NFL Football Jersey!

  1. Jeff

    49ers are finishing 3rd in the West. Rams are easily going to win it and my Seahawks will claim second place.Trust me, Jimmy Garoppolo isn't going to take a team from Trash to Cash. He's no Aaron Rodgers or Russell Wilson or even Deshaun Watson. He'll definitely be better than the other options the Niners have but he's not going to be the "saving grace" everyone thinks he will be.


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