My EPL Football Jersey Collection

In this video I go over my English Premier League Football/Soccer jersey collection. By the time you watch this video I probably bought some additional ones.


Mr__Jersey is a YouTube Channel dedicated to football/soccer jerseys and football in general. I’m psyched to connect with other football/soccer fans and football/soccer jersey collectors so don’t be shy and send me comments.

You can totally check out my Football jersey collection on Instagram (link below) where I post the jerseys that I’ve already played with at least once. Still have a lot to post so join me on this football jersey journey!:)


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8 comentarios en “My EPL Football Jersey Collection

  1. Snowman92

    Hi. FYI the jersey at 07:04 is not the original jersey from the 2008 season. It looks like a training jersey with the added stripes on the back. And please do not call them Manu – it's Man United 😀 Great video otherwise 🙂

  2. Paddy Nevs

    17:48 the kit was inspired by the 1970s away kit and Brazil and 21:33 you had all 3 17/18 home away and third of Chelsea the first year under Nike just discovered your channel today actually and I love it all ready keep up the great work greetings from England 🙂


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