Cleveland Browns Nike Vapor Limited Jersey Med VS Large comparison. Trying on with Tshirt/hoodie NFL

I ordered a Medium Nike Limited Vapor Jersey and the fit was tight in the shoulders/ I decided to see what the Large fit like. Here is a comparison wearing both.
I am 5’8 160 pounds

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39 comentarios en “Cleveland Browns Nike Vapor Limited Jersey Med VS Large comparison. Trying on with Tshirt/hoodie NFL

  1. Min Sim

    I am 5’5 and 185 lbs
    I got a M vapor limited and it’s tight af
    So I returned it and got L in game jersey and now it feels like a blanket and it’s so wrinkled when I received it 😡 😭

  2. Chris Biats

    Do these stretch out a bit over time? I'm 5' 8" and about 170 lbs. The size chart put me right at a medium. 41" chest, 31' waist. I bought the medium Baker jersey and the collar is very tight. Jersey looks great, just very restrictive movement. Would be awesome if it stretches out a bit, I think large will be too long and wide.


    You are seriously the GOAT for this. I have a 25% off coupon about to swoop on a brand new 49ers Kittle Vapor Limited and this helped me make my Medium or Large decision. Appreciate you man.

  4. Vikram Singh Nanua

    Great Video sir, I had ordered both M and L, but like you said the underarm is still the same, I am 6"2" and 185lb. I will stick to M hope after a few washes it gets better! Thanks again for the great explanation and showing the difference by wearing it.

  5. Markm658

    just got my julian edelman vapor jersey, you're right about the stiffness and the neck hole, but i think it'll be fine, cuz i'm already short (5'1 hahaha) a medium will just look too big even tho they are a slim fit….ended up w a size mens small

  6. Harwin Ph

    Hi sir, do u have any experience with the youth jersey? I prefer the snug/slim fit jersey and the youth XL (nike game jersey) fits me just fine.
    Do u think the same size would work for the nike limited vapor jersey?
    I’m about 5.7 172. Thank you and have a good day!


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