Here is my football shirt collection.
Let me know which jersey you like the most 🙂
#footballShirtCollection #StayAtHomeChallenge #Football

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  1. shahzeb khan

    Hi noella, had another question, could you please tell me from which year did man utd kits start having heat pressed crests instead of the woven/sewn ones? The authentic kits of past 3-4 years have heat pressed crests. Could u please tell from which year this trend started? Cause as far as I remember, the old kits had sewn/woven crests. Thank you!

  2. shahzeb khan

    Hi noella, are most of these shirts original or replica? I'm a bit confused , as most kits have Premier League Patches on the sleeves (the gold ones too when a team wins). But most of your kits don't have those patches. Do the original kits have the patches or na?

  3. Lauren Hurley

    hey just wondering do you buy men or women’s jerseys ? Im buying a Man U one but I’m not a fan of the women’s ones as it looks more like it’s designed to be a fashionable top rather then a jersey for playing football and training in. Obviously the women’s ones are also designed to flatter a women’s body as they come in tighter between the chest and hips but I’m not sure if men’s ones would also do ? also if you don’t mind me asking (if u get men’s) what size do you get xxx

  4. KIRK

    I have the AIG home shirt from TREBLE Season MINT for sale in a Mens Large if anyone is interested. It Was never worn if I am not mistaken it was donated by Nike. Only bad thing is the thrift shop I got it from put the price tag threw the white part where the red devil sits in on the line running down the back. Very tiny spot though.

  5. KIRK

    Trying to sell my United Umbro reversable centennial year shirt(black/Gold). Only bought it because I found it at local thrift shop. But I'm sure it's quite rare. I could be wrong though??.

  6. Tipps

    How come your match worn Michy Batshuayi shirt doesn’t have his name on it? Surely all match worn shirts from the Premier League era would have the players name & number on?


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