Saiphs Football Jersey Review – Ep. 100

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Review of Saiphs 4-Way Compression Football Jerseys

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45 comentarios en “Saiphs Football Jersey Review – Ep. 100

  1. Dustin Cook

    dude you really need to think about doing something in your life with football like you could be a star bro just go out there and accomplish your dreams no one is going to go and get them for you theyre waiting for you

  2. I Know Football

    Nike makes many different jerseys of different quality and depending on the school they wear different ones so which school in particular are you taking about. I compared the Saiphs model in this vid to Nikes top model.

  3. I Know Football

    Gunner is one of Nikes mid tier jerseys. It doesn't have 4 way stretch throughout the jersey so it won't fit as nicely as the Saiphs or be as fitted. It's also the same price. Tell your coach for the same price he can go with Saiphs and get much higher quality jerseys.

  4. Greg Holcomb

    GREAT REVIEW. Had no idea I received a shout out from you on initiating the Game Wear jerseys into the Lions. And interesting point is that prior to Game Wear, I had a significant amount of players order from Uniforms Express. I had to do something b/c those original ones w/ screen print were not going to happen for me. So we got those. Then I upgraded to GW. As a member of the Chicago Thunder, we cant wait to get our Saiphs jerseys. Coming this week!


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