⚽ Football Shirt Printing Guide – How to Customize & Print Soccer Jerseys

This is a ‘how-to’ guide on printing football shirts using vinyl letters and numbers. This beginners tutorial will teach you how to print your soccer jersey using a heat press or an ordinary household iron. Customise your favourite football shirt with the name and number of your favourite player or customize it with you own name or custom message.

Football shirts are expensive and if you want a players’ name and number on the back, it’s even more expensive. This video shows you how to do this at a fraction of the price, so watch this beginners’ guide on how to print shirts and jerseys like a pro.

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36 comentarios en “⚽ Football Shirt Printing Guide – How to Customize & Print Soccer Jerseys

  1. Ninh Ly

    Now for something a little different!
    During this country’s 2nd lockdown, I’ve not been able to go anywhere on my travels.
    So instead, here’s how I customize my football shirts (‘soccer jerseys’ if you’re an American).
    It’s a fairly easy process and with a bit of practice, you can do this without too much difficulty.
    Certainly saves you a boatload of money when compared to buying it from a sporting goods store.
    If you have any questions, create a separate comment and I’ll try and get back to you.

  2. The red side of Madrid

    the jersey I am looking for is no longer in production.. Funny thing that its only been out for a year. Its sold out quickly like butter on hot bread . Do you know any websites that would print jerseys for me, and would ship to the Caribbean? the jersey I want is an 19/20 Atletico Madrid away kit (red and black) …

  3. Snowman92

    Hi. How much pressure does the machine use for the shirts (low, medium or high)? Have you ever received heat marks on your jersey? I have tried to press my kits and my presser leaves a mark around the name and number. I use the correct temp and time (140 C for 15 seconds) and teflon paper in between.


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