WHEN football jerseys changed forever

Football jerseys are workwear! Like doctors’ coats or firefighters’ suits. Footballers wear them while they work. Then again: Why do kids spend their last euro, pound or dollar on a piece of cloth? And why do jersey designs change each year? A history of the football jersey. And why Kevin Keegan didn’t mind the ridicule.

Report: Kamilla Jarzina
Camera & Editing: Thomas Lemmer

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22 comentarios en “WHEN football jerseys changed forever

  1. Phil Mccracken

    As an American I can’t watch European sports because of all of the ads and commercials. Can’t you enjoy soccer without the electronic flashing billboards flickering around the field the whole game? And who’s favorite when Emirates Fly Better plays Qatar Airlines? I mean is this a sports match or an airline commercial? I guess it’s just different culture but to be honest Europeans obsession with advertisements is really nauseating 🇺🇸😎

  2. New Forest Pixies

    After playing in red & white striped shirts since the 1910s until the 50s then red shirts or red and black striped shirts over the 70 years since , my local professional clubs squad is pictured during their ’ “ Finest Moment – Crowned Champions 2015 “ ( of the 2nd tier of English Football ) wearing all SKY BLUE…as young folk say today “ WTF “ 😭

  3. Justin Llamas

    I always wondered why german clubs always placed the club name at the back of the kit, even before player names started appearing there alongside the club name.

    in addition, european football was quite late in introducing player names on the kit. american sport clubs have been doing them since the 1960s, while european football clubs didn’t introduce them until the 1990s.


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